Orange-Chatham Group Sierra Club


"In making 2019 candidate endorsements, the Orange-Chatham Group of the NC Sierra Club carefully selected candidates to whom a focus on climate change mitigation is a top priority, including candidates who: (1) truly understand how climate and environmental quality intersect with local land use, transportation, and housing policy, and (2) have reality- based solutions and the skills and determination to get them accomplished."

The Club believes that its slate of endorsed candidates in the Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and Pittsboro elections are the best leaders to accomplish the challenging work ahead in fulfilling our local governments’ obligations to act quickly to combat climate change and protect our environment for this and future generations." Press Release

Equality NC

"These individuals were chosen through a selection process by the Equality NC PAC. The endorsed candidates align with the organization’s ongoing mission of fighting for a more just and equitable world for all North Carolinians." Press Release

"We strongly endorse Hunter for the following reasons:

  • Takes a broad view of the efforts to address climate change with urgency
  • Has been a board member of NEXT
  • An outspoken supporter of a regional transit plan
  • Good working knowledge of town efforts around affordable housing and supports the leveraging of town resources to enable more affordable housing
  • Champion for hearing all voices and promoting equity." Press Release


Featured endorsements (click to read more):

Tom Farmer Lee Storrow Melissa McCullough
Greg Applebaum Tab Combs Alison Stuebe


Sue has also been endorsed by these individuals:

Rhonda Abashian
Michelle Arlotto
James Babcock
Kit Ballew
Jeremy Bailey
Jason Baker
James Barrett
Jennifer Baucom
Martin Baucom
Samanthia Beavers
Boykin Bell
Donna Bell
Greg Bell
Mary Berridge
Glenn Boothe
Dana Brewer
Neal Brincefield
Sarah Brincefield
Chris Brook
Ken Broun
Margie Broun
May Bryan
Scott Burian
John Carlson
Bethany Chaney
Harmony Chi
George Cianciolo
Matthew Clark
Melissa Cox
Erin Crouse
Allison DeMarco
Molly DeMarco
Mark Dorosin
Sarah Douglas
Moira Downey
Nicholas Eberlein
Claire Farel
Barbara Fedders
Cait Fenhagen
Molly Garlington
Paula Gildner
Robert Glenn
Geoff Green
Sally Greene
Tamara Griffin
John Hammond
Phil Hammond
Beth Harris
Jackie Haslam
Kira Heikes
Madeleine Hensler
Loren Hintz
Kim Hoppin
Lori Hudson

James Hunter
Kym Hunter
Jeanne Hunter
Barry Jacobs
Wendy Jacobs
William Jenniches
Trish Kane
Kathy Kaufman
Krista Kern
Carter Kersh
Perri Kersh
Ellie Kinnaird
Mark Kleinschmidt
Melissa Kushnir
Ofri Leitner
Katie Lindner
Ian MacMullen
Mark Marcoplos
Mark Massing
Mac McCaughan
Andrew McMillan
Marcia McNally
Gloria Meares
Rex Mercer
Gordon Merklein
Susan Natoli
Cheryl Parker
Alan Parry
Mary Parry
Richard Pelliccio
Andrea Reusing
David Richardson
Karla Shanahan
Meredith Snow
Michael Stegman
Jane Stein
Adam Stein
Eric Stein
Tony Stiglitz
Ann Stuart
Richard Swank
Kimberly Talikoff
Scott Taylor
George Thomas
Miriam Thompson
Clark Troy
Martin Ulshen
Sue Ulshen
Rosemary Waldorf
Elizabeth Welsby
Jennifer Wesson
Stephen Whitlow
Iris Yim
Anne Zangi